Where My Heart Belongs by Teacher Marie

"Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable." by Catherine Pulsifer.


Someone asked me what the definition of the word "home" was. Perfect! It gave me a headache. But, honestly speaking, I know the literal meaning of the word. However, something in me made me ponder the word "HOME".


In my 25 years of existence, I've been to different places, met a diversity of people and challenges that knocked me down a thousand times and I’ve also lost someone I treasured a lot. Those were the times I lost my home. A home with waves of laughter. A home that showed tender loving and care. A home that never broke down even if it collided with an utmost obstacle. A home that accepted me without criticizing my past.


Years have passed, months like a shooting star, weeks seemed like lickety-split and days just like a blink of an eye. I decided to explore just what Dora did . One of my friends asked me to come over to her workplace and try my luck. Then, Voila! I made it! At first, it was really nerve-racking but later on, everything became smooth sailing.


However, it was not that easy to stand on new ground. There are people who talk behind your back and people who misinterpret your actions. Though, people come and go, there are also people who give you joy, new friendship and new companionship.

Despite all the heartaches I had at first, I felt welcomed, accepted and loved by the people that surround me now. And this gives me a new chance to change my perspective in life, a new life to start my own family, and new friends that made my day complete. That's life! Face it or leave it.


Looking back at the question: What is the definition of HOME? Now, I'm certain about my response. Home is the place where a family permanently lives? NO! Home is the place where you feel secure and comfortable. Linguage is my HOME where everybody is my brother or sister. My family is here.

Remember: Money can be earned in various ways in this world but the most important thing is that there's a place you can call HOME-- we call them family.