January 27, 2023
Route 815: Enjoying the curves, the speed, and the view.

My K-Heart ♥ by Teacher Iya
January 18, 2023
All my life, I've always been a fan of Korean music, most commonly known as "K-Pop." I just love how diverse their music can get. This intensified during the pandemic. While everyone was busy cutting their hair and making dalgona coffee, I was busy listening to K-Pop. I first got interested in BTS because of the song "Epiphany," which is a solo song of a member, Kim Seokjin (Jin). Because of my daily dose of BTS, I also discovered and learned about Tomorrow by Together, or TXT - their "hoobae"....

January 08, 2023
"TIME WELL-SPENT" People spend their days off differently. Some people want to be lazy, while others want to be productive. I'm in between. Just like most people, I usually spend my days off at home. Watching movies is my favorite past time. I watch movies to relax and escape the problems in life. They take me to my wildest adventure without leaving my house. They offer a window onto the wider world and opening my eyes to new wonders. However, I don’t watch movies while lying in bed with...

December 28, 2022
With the year about to end, have you already made a list of your resolutions for the new year? Why not share some with us? Write your lists below, and let's keep track of them together! Let's all hope for a brighter 2023! Happy new year, everyone!

December 09, 2022
We all look forward to our days off and we all want to make sure that we spend our rest days wisely and productively. Now, let me share the things that I like to do during my days off.

November 24, 2022
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the whole day at home? What about staying a week? for a month, perhaps? Well, in my experience, it feels WONDERFUL. Could you imagine? Having a STAY-cation every day at home, not having to worry about spending money or even exhausting your precious feet, just walking around in familiar places until you get tired. Yup, I’m used to it, but I’m proud of being called a "homebody". According to Cambridge, a homebody is a person who likes...

November 23, 2022
My hometown is known as the "Queen City of the South." Can you figure it out? It's Cebu. I was born and raised in Cebu. It is one of the most well-known cities in the Philippines. Living and growing up in Cebu has its benefits and drawbacks. Of course, it's incredibly convenient for you to enjoy everything from various shops to convenience stores and even the market. However, due to the dense population and the numerous structures, you cannot see many mountains. Although Cebu has some...

November 06, 2022
Hi! I'm Teacher Gray. I got my nickname from the famous neutral color of the same name. I often see my personality in the color gray: calm, composed, and reserved in whatever situation. I like to inspire and educate young learners. In addition to sharing my knowledge and ideas, I also have ample time to learn about their culture and hear about their different experiences on various topics.

November 02, 2022
What exactly is a thalassophile? It refers to a person who has a strong magnetic attraction to the sea and water. I'm one of the numerous people who say they like going to the beach, especially in the summer. One of my favorite places is the well-known beach in my hometown called Santiago White Beach. This is where the widest beach on the island is. This beach, which is more than simply a beach, has a long shoreline that stretches as far as you can walk and is covered in white sand. Not only...

October 27, 2022
Teachers are learners, and learners are teachers too. This means that everyone in this world is, in his or her own way, a teacher. Yet, there are those who really have the heart and passion to teach and inspire others. Meet some of our Linguage instructors, and know the reasons why teaching is their career choice.

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