My Kind of Gallery by Perci ✨





Together with creating typical works of art, I believe myself to be someone who likes to embark on excursions or even attending on special occasions. Every time I'm granted chances to do so to make the most of myself, I seize it while I can and go with the flow.


With these chances, I always have my two staples with me, which I should never miss. The first staple is my phone—obviously. The intent of the phone is to record moments, capture captivating scenes and scenery, and create magic. The second staple is the outfit to wear to add some spice. This is something I exert a little effort on to make me feel confident and to liven up the photos. Simply put, I enjoy taking photographs that fascinate me, whether they be things, locations, or myself in a nice outfit.




I have here my collections of some of the places I visited and the events I attended, together with the outfits I wore for each. With the exception of the photos in which I am present, they are all captured by yours truly.


Welcome to my kind of gallery and enjoy!

📍 Dalaguete Beach Park (Casay Beach)

My first time to visit here and it's enchanting. 🌴

📍 Linguage Christmas Party 2022

Your Wednesday Adams. (Created the entire look, down to the accessories, wardrobe, and makeup.) 🖤

📍 Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Reconnecting with nature and our friends.🐒

📍 Linguage Summer Outing 2022

A hot day for all of us. 🌻

📍 Bayer's Cafe

A perfect place to do camping, but it's freezing cold at night. 🏕️

📍 Chateau De Busay

A close friend's wedding day. 👰🏻💕🤵🏻

📍 Arterra Hotel & Resort

The place feels exclusive and relaxing. 🌊

📍Solea Mactan Resort

Our first trip in 2020 during the pandemic. Don't worry, we followed the protocols here. 🍍

📍 Sinulog 2020

The last Sinulog I celebrated before the pandemic.🎭

📍 Serenity Farm and Resort Busay

A gathering with the people I worked and stayed with during the pandemic. 🏡

📍 Anjo World Theme Park

The roller coaster is the best ride for me. 🎢

 📍Celestial Garden (Good Shephered)

If you are near Banawa, this is a good place to hike. 🏃‍♂️

⭐ And some more:

Sharing the pictures above reveals how ardently I make them. They aren't just ordinary leisure activities (taking pictures and dressing up) that I engage in. It's more than that. I view them as artistic creations. As someone who appreciates art, it's fulfilling to create such things as a form of artistic expression. I enjoy the process and, especially, the complete outcome. Above all, there's beauty and a story to tell in every single one of them that you can always look back on one day.



If you wish to see more, you know where to find them. 😉✨