The Hiking Club ♥

Despite their busy schedules, the members of the hiking club have been active and busy with some educational and fun activities.

Activity 1: Hiking Orientation Video

An orientation video has been provided for the members. The recording is about the basics of hiking which includes the preparations, the dos and don'ts etc. Presenters have also provided their personal pieces of advice and suggestions that are really helpful, especially to beginners.

Here are thoughts shared by a few members after watching the orientation video:


“The video presentation about the Hiking Orientation was illuminating and instructional. I got a lot of takeaways from the presenters. It is interesting to know the benefits you get from hiking—physically and mentally. With that, I believe I am ready to go on my first hike…”


“For a newbie like me, the hiking orientation was quite beneficial. It provided me with a lot of suggestions for what I should do before and on the day of the trek. The issue is essential and helpful to all future hikers.”

Activity 2: Club Hike at CCLEX

Last August 6, a few members of the Hiking Club had their first successful hike. For their first hike, they decided to walk across the CCLEX bridge. For them, it was a good decision to do their hike in the afternoon because they got to enjoy the beautiful sunset as well.

“The hiking was fun, yet it wasn't easy because we were not allowed to rest or stop the first kilometer. We got scolded by the patrol officer, but it was one of the good memories that we had from that hike. We accepted it and remained positive and polite. We even joked about how nervous we were when he called our attention. It was a really good experience, and we got to witness the beautiful sunset that day.”


“My CCLEX hiking experience was one of a kind. I got to spend my holiday productively by going hiking with co-workers and discovering authentic dishes after the hike. I got to enjoy nature, enjoy the sea breeze, and witness the sunset. It was something that hikers always wanted to experience on every hike they'd been on.”


‘It was worth the 3.5-hr hike with the sunset as our background canvass. It helped me get to know my colleagues, too, at the same time encourage them to love hiking. :) “

Activity 3: Awarding of Certificates

And the best keepsake from every hike? A certificate acknowledging your hike! ♥

Now the first hike is done, where to next? ♥