Linguage Clubs 2023

Just recently, different clubs have been launched in Linguage. Although this is something fresh and new, it is amazing to see that many are interested in being part of the different clubs offered.


At present, there are six active clubs. Club leaders have already been elected, and activities are now being discussed and prepared by the leaders and the members.


Get to know the different clubs in Linguage. Who knows — you might find one that is perfect for you!

Club name: Singing Club

About the club:

The singing club is a small group of talented individuals who are passionate about singing. Their goals are to foster confidence and allow creativity to show through their talents. Through the singing club, old and new connections are built, and the shared passion of the members can help create a sense of unity and understanding.


Suggested activities by the members: 

    - jam session nights

    - singing together in someone's house or in a


    - live band singing

    - making songs

    - name the tune

    - blind auditions

    - Spotify playlist creation for every month to be

      posted on Linguage's blog site

    - singing lessons

    - perform together as a choir


First club activity: The Voice Linguage 2023 

Club name: Book Club

About the club:

Do you love books? Are you constantly searching for someone to talk books with? Lots of people love to read, but it can be hard to find someone to discuss the book you're reading — especially if you love an uncommon genre. Consider joining the book club if you find it challenging to connect with others to discuss the books you are reading. There are several opportunities to socialize with new people and find like-minded companions.


 Suggested activities by the members:

- book sharing session

- book reviews and book swaps

- go to book cafes

- program for outreach


First club activity: Book sharing session

Club name: Arts and Crafts Club

About the club:

 This club is for Linguage teachers who share a common interest in all forms of art. The group aims to provide teachers with a platform to explore and express their creative and artistic sides.


We are excited about the enjoyable activities and chances to grow and discover our talents and potentials at the Arts and Crafts Club while collaborating with others who share similar passions.


Suggested activities by the members:

 - art exhibit & art appreciation

 - show & tell

 - art tutorials and sessions  

 - visiting art galleries

 - attending art workshops together

 - DIY painting

 - DIY projects (crochet, stuff toys, accessories,

   origami, etc.)


First club activity: Visiting art galleries

Club Name: Hiking Club

About the club:

The club is composed of members who share the same interest for hiking and outdoor activities. Our goal is to be able to create camaraderie with one another while sharing experiences in hiking and promoting environmental awareness.


Suggested activities by members:

- hike for a cause

- clean up drive

- day hike

- orientation on hiking


First club activity: Hiking orientation 

Club name: Dance Club

About the club:

The purpose of the dance club is to raise the teachers' spirits and showcase dancing and artistic skills. It offers dance enthusiasts the chance to exhibit their skills and serves as an excellent canvas for their creative endeavors.


Suggested activities by the members:

- dance competition

- Zumba

- dance training

- dance performance


First club activity: Dance training

Club name: Sports Club

About the club:

Welcome to our sports club! We are a community of sports enthusiasts who come together to share our passion for fitness and competition.


Suggested activities by the members:

- sports day

- find a common sports

- corporate exercise

- join fun run events


First club activity: not yet finalized

Club member or not, what is important is that we spend our free time doing things that we love. Still, it would be nice to do things we like with people who like doing them, too! So, join a club and be part of a community — may it be here at Linguage or wherever you are! ♥