Summer Escapade

While some of us love the sea, others find peace when surrounded by trees and mountains. Here are more places Linguage teachers love, which you can also include in your list for your next your summer trip.

My favorite summer destination is Olango Island, an island in Lapu-Lapu, Philippines.


Olango Island is a great summer destination because it offers a variety of activities and attractions. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, marine sanctuaries, and wildlife. Things to do on Olango Island include exploring its wildlife and marine sanctuaries such as the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary and the San Vicente Marine Sanctuary. You can also go swimming at the island’s beach resorts or go diving. Another popular activity is to take an island hopping tour around the six smaller islands and islets that surround Olango Island. The island is also home to several campsites and food markets where visitors can enjoy local cuisine and fresh seafood.


- GJ

I won't go far for my favorite summer destination. The undiscovered waterfall 10 km from my home is perfect to beat the scorching heat this summer. The cold flowing water and natural slide and jump are good formulas even with limited resources and budget. Taginis Falls is truly a gem that travelers in Moalboal should visit. 


- Deline

When summer approaches, there is just one location I have in mind to stay at: Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol. Many local and international tourists like to spend their holiday there because of its white and long shoreline. People may enjoy both the island and city vibes because there are various things that people only see in the city but can now finally experience on the island.


- Yel 

I live in Bantayan Island, which is a popular destination for tourists who don't want to travel outside of Cebu but still want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since I grew up surrounded by the sea and hot weather, I wanted something new. Now, my favorite summer destination is Sagada. The weather in the area is pleasantly warm and ranges from 22°C to 32°C. Life there is slow and pretty laid-back.


- Carol

What are you waiting for? Get your bags ready, and visit these amazing places now! ♥