Taking A Real Day Off 101: All the Basics You Need To Know by Teacher Sab

What do you do when you have two days off and everyone else is working? Do you grab your bag,  take a drive in a car and go to a place where your heart really wants to go? .. Well, that’s not what I do.


Some people would think that taking a day off would be catching up, doing errands, and planning for the next week. You probably do more of the following:


  • Watch movies
  • Do the laundry
  • Catch up on work
  • Cleaning
  • Do grocery shopping
  • Go on a trip


Some of those things are productive and quite necessary but what about your mind, body and soul? When do they get to rest? When you are sick? Why are you sick? Because you got tired, run-down and infected. Eww.


Here are three reasons to really take a day off:

1. You need it.

2. You deserve it.

3. You will be better because of it.


When you wake up in the morning, stay in bed, don’t get up. Give yourself some time to reflect on your dreams. Notice how it feels to be in your body in the morning. See how the light comes in your room, daydream a little and wonder what you would like to eat for breakfast. Forget about your phone and just think of yourself.


You will find yourself taking a real day off when you are spending the day doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with improving or maintaining your position in life. You can decide to have a spontaneous evening the night before: no work, no goals, and no attempt to gain anything. You will end up spending a lot of time outside, not rushing and not thinking much at any point, about the rest of the day. You will go to bed feeling intensely grateful that your lot in life was such that. You could not believe that you could have a day like that and after that you can sleep well. 


The next day, you will get back to work but you will not feel the usual resistance to it and would get a lot of things done. The deliberate quality of the real day off will continue the following workday. It can give you a distinct feeling of being fine where you are, of not needing to be past what you were currently working on. If that wasn’t a perfect day, then, there isn’t one.