Capture the Moment by Nori

I would like to introduce some of my artwork along with my memories in the Philippines.

I started painting with pastels on paper during the ECQ. This is my first drawing. A bit rough, but I still like it.

Sunset at Alona Beach, Bohol


Dawn in Balamban

Mt. Manungal

These are memories of the time when one of our staff took me to

Mt. Manungal, the third highest peak in Cebu. The sunrise I saw on the way to Balamban was impressive.

Sunrise in Argao

A Woman Buying Meat

St. Michael the Archangel

These are memories of the time when our staff took me to Argao. The quiet air of the old church soothed my soul.

The Whale Shark

Before the Storm in Sumilon

Bancogon Pier

Sunset in Sumilon

These are memories of the time when colleagues took me to Oslob and Sumilon (southeastern part of Cebu). Seeing the whale shark real close was a bit scary.

These are my most recent work, ordinary day-to-day scenes around the city.

Back Street

Sari-Sari Store

Night Dogs



Hibiscus II

Hibiscus and kalachuchi (frangipani) commonly found in the streets. These flowers are not common in Japan so they are very special.

If you'd like to see more of my artwork, you can check my Instagram account:

Focusing on my job and my hobbies –– drawing and beat-making –– are both essential for my life.

                                                                           - Nori