A Real Foodie by Teacher Vapor



noun [ C ] (also foody)US  /ˈfuː.di/ UK  /ˈfuː.di/ a person who loves food and is very interested in different types of food

For the reason that everyone calls me by my family name since I was young until now, I would like to be called Teacher Vapor. And this made me very popular because of my scientific family name, "Water Vapor."

My hobbies are cooking and watching videos related to cooking on YouTube. These give me joy every time I do such things . When cooking a new dish, it gives me excitement to explore and taste something different from the usual dishes that I make. I love watching cooking shows like MasterChef, where my favorite chef is Mr. Gordon Ramsay. I personally admire the way he critiques the contestants. It can make them improve more because of his straightforward remarks, and I think I can learn better in this way. As Gordon Ramsay says, "When you cook under pressure, you trade perfection."

Food is my happy pill. Everything about it is just an overwhelming feeling, especially eating my favorite Filipino dishes, namely Lechon, Bicol Express, Sinigang, and so on. I also like eating fruits, all kinds of fruits, from the exotic ones like Durian, to the common fruits such as mangoes and pineapples. I usually attend parties, and every time there are fruits, I always go to that section and eat to my heart's content. I consider myself a certified foodie. I also find foreign cuisines interesting and try my best to indulge in some whenever possible. I can definitely attest to a quote from Auguste Escoffier that "Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness".








Going to cafes is one of my favorite ways to unwind, especially when I'm feeling down. This gives me a feeling of relaxation and contemplation.






This is one of the most recent dishes I cooked, and it is called "Aubergine meat roll with fresh oregano."






This is the most common table set up for Filipino families when there is a celebration.



This was a birthday celebration, and I cooked the dishes in this photo.





A basket full of fruits makes my eyes and soul happy.


Having all of these fruits on the table at every meal makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine.