Make Every [REST] Day Matter by Teacher GJ

We all look forward to our days off and we all want to make sure that we spend our rest days wisely and productively. Now, let me share the things that I like to do during my days off.

1. Exercise

One of the best things that I like to do on my days off is to do some physical exercise. I usually go to the gym or go jogging. I believe that health is the number one thing that a person should invest in, so while we are still young, we must take care of our health.

2. Read Personal Growth Books

Some of the most successful people have read more books than they can count. Books that offer you new information, a new perspective, or an answer to your problem can be a great investment on a day off. In my case, I really like reading finance books because I really want to know how to manage my money even if it's just the smallest peso.

3. Spend Time with Family

Family is there for you in good times and in bad. They have known you all of your life. While they don't always offer support, they are a connection that needs nurturing once in a while. I usually go back to my hometown once or twice a month to visit my family. 

4. Spend Time with Friends

This is also one of the reasons why I have fun on my day off. They are the people you can share memories with, laugh with and confide in, and it is important to take some time out to spend time with them.

5. Work on Your Future

Goals and dreams are not unrealistic fantasies. They are things you should be reaching for every day as they are a version of your life that you want and desire and will make you happy. Instead of taking the time to think about your current work situation, try working on a plan to get you into your ultimate goal. Take the time to build a plan and start taking action on that plan. For instance, if you want to build your own business, then figure out the steps you need to take to reach your goal!

All of us have different ways of spending our rest days. It depends on us if use them wisely and productively.