Route 815 by Teacher Shasha


Route 815: Enjoying the curves, the speed, and the view.






It was way back in 2021 April, when a friend of mine invited me for a ride. I did not expect this to be the start of something I enjoyed doing.



People tend to feel scared whenever they ride a motorbike or a motorcycle at high speed running fast on curvy roads. Luckily, I am someone who is the opposite. I enjoy the high speed, especially when the speed reaches 100kph or more. I love how the motorbike leans on those beautiful curves and how some parts of the motorbike would leave some trail marks on the road, such as the center stand of the bike touching the road as it runs fast on those curves.

These were the friends who invited me to go there. They were my friends from university.


We usually go there every weekend, but at first, we were not that friendly or open to talking with other riders there. The owner of the small local store there even told us to make friends and she even told me, "you look strict" but, a few of the riders would approach us and try to talk to us. So after that, we started getting along with other riders too.

Here are some photos of the people I met there and became friends with:


As you ride along route 815, there are a lot of street photographers who would take awesome pictures and would post them on their social media pages.


Here are some photos taken by some photographers along route 815:


Oh, wait! I almost forgot that I do not drive but I am just a back rider who never complains about such high speed and dangerous routes.

You might be wondering why I ride with different riders, right? Well, how should I say this? I am single so I could choose anyone, right? HAHA, just kidding. Well, these people are the people I made friends with. Some of these people are not just acquaintances; some became someone I could run into, and some were just a chat away and they will be there once you need them.


The following are just some events I attended with the people I met there, and of course, the important events in their lives.

Now, you might be wondering why we go there instead of just making friends here downtown. One reason is the views, they were spectacular; we even went for a ride at dawn to witness the sunrise or at dusk to witness the sunset. There were some beautiful places where you would enjoy taking selfies.



If you are someone who also enjoys these things, tap me, and let's ride together.


Shasha - IT Park