Way back when I was in college, I dreamed of working for a well-known company. I dreamed of having a lot of money and enjoying life. But reality hit when I graduated. I thought that life would be easy when I got my diploma and finished my degree. The moment that I walked down onto the stage, that was the moment that I felt the pressure. It’s not because my family wanted me to work right away; it was the pressure brought on by others, society, and their expectations. So, after graduation, I looked for a job without thinking. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, it felt like walking into the valley of the shadow of death. I had no plans and no directions. I was not prepared at that time, and one thing that was on my mind was to have a job and maybe go with the flow. I don’t know either. When the time came, I applied to a BPO company. Everything was tough at first. The interview and the process were a little bit of a hassle. By God’s grace, I was hired and started my job two weeks later. At first, my experience was nice. I met different types of people, but that was okay. One week later, the atmosphere changed as well as the people. I was not able to see the lovely smiles on their faces when we started the battle. At that time, all I could see was competition and survival. I also felt the pressure at that time, and I got depressed because I was not used to the sudden changes. A month later, I decided to resign and apply for work that was related to my profession. This time I have observed the changes in myself, not only in my physical state but also in my mental and emotional state. I was so happy to embrace my flaws this time and start to love myself again. The smile that was gone was back to life. Even though I occasionally regretted my irrational choices, they helped me develop myself and helped me serve others. Although there are many reasons why employees may not perform well at work, let's focus on how to increase productivity instead. Ally got us our tickets!




• Do what you love, and love what you do.


Based on my experience it was really good to work on the things that you think you are good at. Stop thinking about what others may say, we don’t care about them and they don’t care about us. Though sometimes we think about money or salary, remember that you can’t perform well if you know to yourself that you are not good at that specific area. So, it should be best to do what you love and love what you do.




• Stop complaining, start appreciating.


There are people who are always complaining about their job. Maybe they are tired of doing it or maybe they don’t like it. What I learned from my experience was that we can’t complain about our job if our heart was on it. Stop complaining, and be thankful that you have the opportunity to work on that job, not everyone has the opportunity like what we are enjoying now.






• You are not alone.


If you think that you are alone and may be thinking that “pasan mo ang mundo”. Then stop thinking that way, because you are wrong. We have God, family, friends, colleagues, or even partners to talk to. Speak out your burdens, and stop keeping them inside. I know it’s not easy but just try.





• Your smile is contagious.


According to various studies, smiling is considered contagious. Just like happiness, smiles have the power to affect those around us. So, don’t be selfish with your smile. Remember life is better if we smile. It may also make other people’s day better.






• Take a break
I know that we feel tired sometimes because we’re not robots, right? Then try to take a break. There is nothing to hurry. Just give yourself a little break then “laban ulit”.

Now, how about you? How much do you love and enjoy your job? What are the things that you do to be productive at work?