Living for Passion by Teacher Lyn

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning." It is a great quote from Brad Henry that I couldn't agree more with. This quote drove me to pursue my goals.

Together with my gorgeous co-workers, Ms. Nes (on the left) and Ms. Rhianne (on the right).

Teaching is one of my passions in life. I always aspire to make a difference in other's lives through education. I like imparting knowledge to other people and being able to help them enhance their current skills even more. Through teaching, I'm certain that I'm doing one of the best things in my life.

To be able to teach, one must possess the knowledge to be shared. This not only requires the things taught at school or in books, but also through experiences. One of the effective ways that can help one gain more knowledge is through doing their hobbies. Life without a hobby is like food without spices, as they say. It's the hobby which makes living beautiful and meaningful.

I'm into reading historical and fictional stories, and gardening. First, gardening gives me great happiness. Every time I see the plants I've grown, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction. In this modern world, pollution is evident so I want to at least contribute to a greener and healthier environment for future generations.

These are my babies. Typhoon Odette destroyed them but I'm delighted that some of them survived and look more beautiful than ever.

My Coleus Babies

We love plants in every form—including these adorable coleuses.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

My elder sister gave me this book. This is one of the books I couldn't put down.

Spirit Animals

At first, I thought these books are not worth my time but they proved me wrong. "Such a real page-turner."

Reading is also my passion. Since I was a grade schooler, I always stayed in the library during break times to read books. My classmates would always ask me why I'm so drawn to reading different kind of books. I just simply answer them that "every little discovery and knowledge excite me to the bones."

Because of the love of reading, I happened to encounter this beautiful quote from Kahlil Gibran which is "A man's true wealth is the good he does in the world". This quote is one of my favorite quotes and it inspires me to do more every single day. Acquiring all the material things in the world is out of my league so I set my goals on something better and useful. I always see to it that I do things that not only benefit me, but others as well. In this world full of cruelty, many people are blinded by temporary and worldly things, not seeing the true essence of beauty and wealth. So I always believe that doing good things, no matter how small, will definitely come back to you in unexpected ways and teaching is one of the great ways to make it a reality.

The Poet

This is my favorite book. "The Poet". This book was gripping. I remembered reading it using a flashlight during a blackout.