Your Future Awaits You Here

Are you lost?


Are you wandering around the busy city on an early weekday morning with your resumé

and competence but don't know where to go? Does everything seem a little bit confusing? Then you should try this route.....


The route to Linguage where your future career awaits you.


Linguage is located on the 6th floor Units B & C. Park Centrale, J.M

Del Mar St. Cebu IT Park, Apas Cebu City. It's just a 15- 20 minute drive from Colon St.


*How to get there from downtown area?


Step 1. You can ride a jeepney ( 17B or 17D) on P.del Rosario St. That’s along the University of San Carlos and Sto. Rosario Parish church.


Step 2. Pay the fare. It’s 10 pesos only


Step 3. Put some music on while enjoying the ride. You will pass by Fuente Osmeña  Circle, Cebu Provincial capitol, Escario St., JY Square Mall, Salinas Drive then IT Park.


Step 4. When you are already in IT park, look for Azpired building. You should be looking on the left side of the road.


Step 5. Get off the jeepney. The entrance of the building is between Greenwich and Burger King.  


Step 6. At the lobby, inform the guard that you are going to Linguage. You will be given a visitor’s ID.


Step. 7. Take the elevator to the 6th floor. As you get off the elevator, you will immediately see the name of the company through the glass door. Press the doorbell for assistance. Get inside. And take the qualifying tests. Don’t forget to bring your updated resumé and a pen!!! Good luck!!!


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