Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare.

Life is all about reactions. Things happen and there are times when we are never really sure about what to do next. The next action determines the outcomes.  August 8, 2018, an earthquake drill in IT Park was conducted and Linguage, Inc. was part of it. Although we can never really say what tomorrow brings, it always helps to be prepared.  One could safely say that because of this earthquake drill, we now know what to do.


Protecting yourself from a force that offers little warning can be a daunting task. Here are some of the things taught that you need to know to stay safe no matter where you are when the ground begins to shake.


Don’t Panic. Earthquake! Stay calm. You have to have your wits with you. This is very essential. We panic over the most trivial of things, how much more if it was a matter of life and death. Remember that in an earthquake, we have to think fast, think smart and the last thing we want to do is to run amuck or worse, to do nothing. 

Drop, Cover and Hold. It is difficult to walk at times during an actual earthquake so it is best to hide under a desk or anything sturdy and start praying to the God of your choice.

Find a way out. Earthquakes are usually intermittent. It can happen in intervals at different strengths and length of time.  Once it stops, you can get out from under your desk and find the nearest emergency exit!

Keep distance from buildings. Basic. So you found a way out of the building that just might come crashing down during an earthquake. It would definitely not make sense to be near one. You don’t want to be the extra guy when the credits roll in a movie. (e.g “Guy who gets crushed by a buiding: Insert name here”). Don’t be that guy.

Go to assembly point. That’s right. We’re not extras. So here we are outside and trying to make it. Now here’s where we need to go, Use all that cardio and get to the assembly point. Generally, these areas are clear of buildings, and obstructions that might cause harm in the event of an earthquake. 

Congratulations! You get to see another day in the movie we call, YOUR LIFE