Bookworm On The Go by Teacher Cessna

Why do we read book?”. That is always a question worth asking. But whatever the reason is, we all share the same thing--our love for books. It is always the idea of finding ourselves getting lost inside the pages of the books we read. Whether we want to be the hero or the damsel in distress, there is always that trill of opening a door to another world without moving our feet.


There is an endless supply of books in the world, but we have very little time to read everything. And that is what happened to me when I visited National Bookstore during their May 2019 book sale. With a limited budget, I was torn between the many choices of books on the shelves.This is were suggestions from different sources matters. So if you are confuse of what kind of book you want to buy, read on.


Here are some tips I found very useful that will help you find the perfect book for you.


1. Know what kind of book you want to read.

Think of the different genres. There are tons of books you could choose from.


2. ASK. Ask people around you. Friend, family, co-workers. Anybody.

Their suggestions can help you sort out your choices--or maybe not. That is up for you to decide. But still, it is better to listen to an alternative and give you a better understanding of your own preference.


3. Check & Read best sellers.

It’s not a best seller for nothing.


4. Read online reviews.

Reading online reviews is helpful in knowing what others think about it. Goodreads has been one of the best sites to provide book reviews.


5. Before buying, read first the back cover.

Always. This will give you an idea what the book is about.Don’t just look at the beautiful covers. You might find gems between the stocks of books. Keep looking.


6. Don’t buy a book just because everyone is reading it.

Remember: Everybody has different preferences, and so are you.


7. Limit your budget.

Lastly, no matter how much you want to buy every book you want, you still need to limit your budget. Only buy the books you want to read at the moment.


You. Yes, you. The one reading this. Are you a book lover? Yes? The welcome to the club. No? Don’t worry, a book that will open your eyes to the world of books will come to you. Eventually. So everyone, watch out for the next book sale and I’ll be there (probably :)). See you.