Foodie Goodie by Teacher Borj

Itadakimasu! (Let’s eat!) Cebuanos never back down without a fight, especially when food is involved. Cebu is not only filled with love by mother nature and the people itself, but we also have different kinds of cuisines to offer for your naive stomachs.


You name it, we got it! The food ranges from Asian to Western-style. Be it Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, Italian, Mexican --- Cebu restaurants have everything you need to satisfy your cravings and even your sweet tooth. I am a foodie myself and I’m quite a food adventurer. Some people have travel goals from mountain hiking to island hopping, but for me and my friends, we have #tummygoals. We often go to restaurants that are either old but popular or new and booming. I don’t have a blog about my food trips but I document them with my phone and share them to my local and international friends.


My top three favorite food shops here in Cebu City are Way Tugpahay Siomai Sa Tisa, Narnia Tuslob Buwa and Sol’s Halo-halo & Desserts. Luckily, they can be found in one place, Barangay Tisa. I usually take my friends there and let them experience how the locals savor and enjoy local foods. From the scrumptious siomais, puso (hanging rice), tuslob-buwa (delicious broth with bits of pig’s brain) to the cold and sweet halo-halos, you will definitely know why I take my friends there and why it is popular!


As a foodie, one serving is not enough. Extra servings are a must. So, I also search the most popular buffets around Cebu from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Here are my top top 3 buffets I strongly recommend you should visit. Third in my list is Cafe Bai in Bai Hotel where you can enjoy good food and excellent service. The place is very organized, too. In the second place, Feria in Radisson Blu Hotel. I have been there twice but I have never seen the place jam-packed as it is one of the most expensive buffets in Cebu and the food is heavenly as well. And the first place goes to … (drum roll) … Buffet 101 International Cuisine in City Times Square. I have been here a lot of times and it never gets old every time. Buffet 101 International Cuisine, as the name suggests, offers foods from different parts of the world! I could feel myself flying over the mouth-watering array of foods there. It has entertainment too. If it’s your birthday, your friends can tell the staff to prepare a surprise birthday performance from them who are either enjoying the dance or totally embarrassed. Nevertheless, everything there is like God’s gift to foodies! These are just some of the wonderful food places here in Cebu.


Curious about what other restaurants there are in my list? Well, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Iki Drum Yakiniku Restaurant, Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant, STK Paolito’s, The Market, Sugbo Mercado, YelloCube Food Hub are some of my favorites and a whole lot more! But I guess I’ll just leave them to your taste buds to judge. 


Excuse me. Why are you still reading this? Go now and experience what Cebu has to offer for all you foodies out there. Let the “onaka” adventure begin!


Gochisosamadeshita! ( Thank you for the feast!)